Clarity Slow Down – DoWoo #100/365

100YEAH! Triple Digits!

I want to thank each of you…yes YOU…for reading, commenting, sharing, supporting, encouraging and being there for me throughout this journey. Who would have thunk 100 blogs in a 100 days?

And on this momentous day I reflect having experienced a very “interesting” day. A day of observing my reactions to what was going on around me – but in a totally different light!

You know how people talk about having an out of body experience…well, it was not like that! It was more like tiny moments of clarity where whatever was going on slowed down. I had time to recognize my thoughts and review my possible reactions and then slowed it down even further to ask myself how I would like to actually respond…and then I made a choice – doing so with a clearer understanding of how my response may affect the moment I was in. 

While nothing was earth shattering…the slower time frame allowed me to recognize that it IS POSSIBLE to choose.  We’ve spoken about being given the option as human beings to choose. However, many of us – and I raise my hand here – may find themselves just reacting….AND not always in the best way or with the best results. 

It goes back to our teaching within the Master Key. Most of us go from stimulus to reaction. We learn that we can train ourselves to go from stimulus to choice to response.  That additional step of recognizing and choosing results in the bigger difference of a response rather than a reaction.

This is what happened to me today! 

AND I am truly ECSTATIC!  

Thank-YouI implore you to stick with me through the next 265 days.  There are thoughts stirring, plans formulating and choices being made which are going to shift not only how I observe but how my entire life is to be lived.  Wanna share the ride?

Again, thank you for being here with me!  A blessing of abundance to you all! 


3 thoughts on “Clarity Slow Down – DoWoo #100/365

  1. lydia johnson

    Congratulations…100 blogs in 100 days! the time flew by and the shares have all been exciting and inspiring…..265 more to look forward to!!


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