Long or Short – DoWoo #102/365


Our Yard @ 9:20 pm 12.11.14

While getting ready for bed this evening Greg called out to say the sky looked yellow and it was like daylight outside with the snow on the ground. About a 1/2 hour later he came into the office and suggested I “DoWoo” about the sky and the snow.  I explained that while those things were certainly “observations” how were they “without opinion“?  He asked me to explain what an opinion was again.  


Observation versus Opinion – Using Johnny Depp’s brown hair as an example

If I were to say “Your hair is brown” that is an observation. However, if I say “Your hair is too long.” this would be an opinion because it is from my perspective.  Now, if Kye’s mom were to look at your hair she may say “Your hair is too short.” this would be an opinion as well as it is from her perspective. Kye is the neighbour’s son who is a few year older than Greg and his hair is down to his waist.  His mom, the father and all 3 kids have long hair well past their shoulders. So hair being brown is a known aspect we would all agree on – so can be considered an observation; but hair being long or short is based upon the individual’s perspective and therefore it is an opinion. 

I offered to give him another example but he declined saying he understood. I asked him to give me an example in his words.  It took him a few minutes but eventually he came up with the following. 

c82635ddf8424cbf7759eba607db7adcAt school they are reviewing how certain items can be recycled into other things and then re-used. Greg said that Guinevere in his class may think using recycled Coca-Cola cans as a women’s purse may be “gross” but he thinks it is “cool“.  These would be opinions.  So we then discussed that a possible ‘observation’ of this would be that “items we use daily can be recycled and therefore reused“.   

I turned to him and said I now know what I can DoWoo about today. What? he said.  This conversation – on how to explain the difference between an opinion and an observation. He then told me that I still needed to start with the snow and the sky. 

Thank you for allowing me to share! 

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  1. lydia johnson

    Well done Carolynn. Hair just is. Purses just are. things just are! Good thing you have Gregory around for inspiration daily!


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