A Conversation With Myself – DoWoo #103/365

The day did not progress quite the way I anticipated.  However, the challenges faced were met with a positive “just get it done“, “keep moving forward” attitude.  While nothing represented a significant spike towards our future reality, it was also a day where…what could have been considered drawbacks…were just speed bumps.

detourI slowed down.

                     Maneuvered over them.

                                         And KEPT driving!

                                                                       It felt really good! 

I was reading another Master Key members blog this evening and ended up having a whole conversation with myself – possibly it was between my old subby and my new – but it was all me, myself and…(not Irene = LOL).   Reactions were observed:

  • I immediately thought…what could I say which would help him to reach clarity – that he is going through exactly what he is meant to go through – in order to come out the other side?
  • Then I reminded myself the best influence is no influence.
  • But I like to help people – this is one of my personal pivotal needs.  What can I do or say? 
  • No, this is his journey and he needs to dig deep and find the answers himself

I am reminded of the story of the boy and the butterfly.  The boy, upon seeing the struggles of the butterfly to emerge from his cocoon, decided to help the butterfly and cut an exit to ease its struggle.  However, in attempting to help the boy actually did the butterfly a huge disservice – its struggle was part of the process to allow the butterfly to emerge in all its brilliance and beauty. Without the struggle the butterfly never flew. 

What would you do? 

There are going to be speed bumps, detours, slick driving conditions when wet, radar traps, winding, steep and occasionally some clear open road.  Either way, the path we are on looks like no one elses path.  The body we drive is like no one else.  We are meant to find our purpose – our dharma – and sometimes it is nowhere near where we thought we were originally heading. All we need to do is keep our eye on the road, make each day count, and allow lifes little nudges (road obstacles) to alter our path and point us in the direction we need to go.

I send this man an abundance of positive well wishes. I bless his life and his dream. I allow myself to embrace having a conversation by myself with myself – because in the end I was able to recognize that this is HIS journey – and for his emergence, he must travel his path of speed bumps.  And THIS…this whole blog – well it’s part of mine.    I am grateful to be here. 

4 thoughts on “A Conversation With Myself – DoWoo #103/365

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    Aaahhhhhbb! Helping Others….. Tough duty to give “tough love” sometimes… Though I do sound like a broken record sometimes…… Take that to the Sit…. OBP. SIT. OBP. SIT.
    You are brilliant.


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