Is Choice My Truth? – DoWoo #105/365

6bullying476x290Am struggling today. Not sure whether that is an observation or an opinion. Either way it is not a nice space.  While I continue to consider all the various aspects to assist how to proceed, I will share a bit of my struggle and then tomorrow…I may see a different perspective.

Every evening I sit at my computer reviewing my day – pondering whether I made a difference in someone’s life or someone else made a difference in mine. I do my best to observe the miracles of the day – the nuances which make today a unique experience – and release the need for opinions to impact how I view the day. I share my journey through this realignment – hoping that by doing so I may also inspire others in their thinking. 

growthUp till now this has been mostly a journey of growth towards who I envision myself to be … who I am at my best.  Today…not so much!  When the image of mortality is  standing in the doorway, leaning on the door jam and occasionally ringing the bell to get my attention, I find myself faltering in my progression.

controlI recognize myself as someone who likes to have a semblance of control in any given situation.  I need not always be the lead but at minimum I prefer to know I have the ability to choose how I interact or contribute.  A situation arose today where I have been asked to do something – not providing this action as a choice. Therefore it appears more like a duty or a requirement.  

There is no right or wrong in this situation – as that would indeed be an opinion.  There is only truth. I choose to allow my heart to ponder this overnight and will embrace my truth – whatever that may be – tomorrow. 

4 thoughts on “Is Choice My Truth? – DoWoo #105/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    I can totally relate to your feelings Carolynn. About a year ago I started writing in a journal every night –
    3 things I value about myself,
    3 things or people I really appreciate for the things they have helped me with or helped me understand on a deeper level and
    3 ways I have added value to someone else’s life that day.
    I also have 2 packs of Abraham Hicks oracle cards and pick one from each set every day and write them in my journal too. It is amazing how often I have picked the same cards! When I really understand the message I find those cards don’t come up again. I guess it’s a funny little habit I have set up but it always makes me feel happy and grateful looking for the good in each day.


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