Favourite Question From Your Kid? – DoWoo #108/365    

Patience Grasshopper Patience is still in effect

Greg woke up early this morning.  Since I had not walked Mya yet I asked him whether he wanted to join me – he did! Just as we were heading out the door he asked “Mommy…Why do we live?”

It was 6:50 am!!! What is he thinking?!

I asked him what context was he asking it about?  Was it “Why do we exist?”

After we confirmed he and I had the same idea of what ‘exist’ meant he answered “Yes”.  OK – I think I’ve got a way to respond to THAT one.  I explained that he had just asked a question people have been pondering for years (paused to allow for an explanation of pondering) and that truly I did not know the answer. “Really?” he said with disbelief. 

I touched on our purpose, our uniqueness – our dharma – and how humans are differentiated by the ability to reason and choose. We ended up going off on a few other tangents and then Gregory said “Wow! That was a ½ hour!”  It wasn’t – we’d only gone 15 minutes in a 20 minute walk.  “Really?”

He eventually figured out where he had got this question – and said there was an answer – but that he could not remember the answer only that it was from a Pokemon movie.  I reminded him that while much of what is on video and movies can be based upon some form of the real world – much of it may also be someone’s imagination and he should keep this in mind. 

My face is on perma-smile as I type this DoWoo.  My little man is a real conversationalist!  He is also a treasure I have been blessed to guide (if that is an opinion, I’ll accept it, say thank you and move on).  I truly look forward to his next big question. 

What was your favourite question from your kid??

Please share yours, then pass this request along!

When we hit 108,000 we’ll publish with everyone who includes their name getting credit! 

3 thoughts on “Favourite Question From Your Kid? – DoWoo #108/365    

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    Hmmmm. I have dog children, and although they do not speak English, they clearly communicate their questions.

    At 10:15 every night, these German Shepherd twins find their Mommy and ask “Is it time for our bedtime Milkbone?”

    When I put on my shoes, the clearly ask “Are you taking us with you?”

    Not as profound as “why do we live?”, but charming, none the less!

    I look forward to meeting Gregory.

  2. Marea Adejuwon

    Woah! That’s a heavy one! I’m blessed with my kids being fairly young, which means the mass quantities of peculiar questions aren’t as large to sift through. Right now, I’m highly enamored with my youngest asking me – “Mommy, can my brother come to dinner?” See, she doesn’t have a brother. Let alone an older brother who lives in New York with his mother. Catch my drift on the creative imagination in this tyke?

    Of course, if you’re asking me, “Why do we live?”, then the answer would obviously have to be that we’re here to provide answers! Oh, and make a difference in the lives and worlds of others in a positive way. Knowing my kids, perhaps it’s just to be enthralled with their development, curiosity, and imagination. I yearn for their next intriguing question knowing this blog is in my head the moment the words are out of their mouths!

    Bravo, Gregory! You stumped your Mom, and now she’s stumping us! Adorable! Keep it coming!



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