Staying True – DoWoo #109/365

We are on day 3 of no internet and we have survived!!

Within the last 3 weeks we have had a variety of interesting technical challenges arise.  My laptop keyboard got stuck on the semi-colon and right in the middle of me typing something (external keyboard for ergonomic reasons) the main keyboard would lock ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; until I manually shut down the computer, my computer would not registering at the internet café but my phone did, my headset would work on my phone my not my companion app, and our internet was disconnected (in error) on Tuesday morning and won’t be reinstated till Saturday! AND…..Both Walter’s mom and my mom’s health…well, not so good.   

They” say that whenever something happens in your life it is like someone is holding up the mirror for you to take a good look at yourself, to help you learn something, recognize something about yourself or your life so you can learn from it.  Do you ever wonder who “they” are because they certainly have a LOT to say?

SO….WHAT am I supposed to learn from ALL this?

After pondering the depth of each of these areas, my answer (so far – as things do tend to unfold further and may show me more at a later date) is that we must embrace patience, we are to recognize what is truly important without getting freaked out, and we need to be able to roll with the situation – finding alternatives to get it done – and above all else….we must remain true to our self.

Wrote a very interesting email to my siblings this evening and even though I called and discussed it first with my one sibling, I knew my words were true and no matter what feedback I received, I was comfortable in sending it out – which I did. 

We are all on a journey of self-discovery.  We may not ever truly know how we made out till we’re done (assuming there is a summary or review with one’s higher power – or we come back again with a different set of lessons to learn assuming reincarnation – or…well, you get the idea).   BUT at the end of the day THIS is our journey and we need to remain true to our self.

I realize these challenges are merely speed bumps and since I’m on the right road, I just need to keep on keeping on and I’ll be just peachy fine. 

I stayed true today. 

How did you make out?

1s and 8s

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2 thoughts on “Staying True – DoWoo #109/365

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    To thine own self be true, THEN THOU CANST BE FALSE TO NO MAN.

    Being true to one’s self is a high degree of service to humanity. We only have the opportunity to exercise that muscle when faced with adversity. An honor to know you, Carolynn.


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