Question of the Day – DoWoo #10/365

question_of-the-day_iStock1-630x486I had just completed my morning sit when our son came and cuddled up on me.  He was explaining to me about his preference in pajamas – in that he prefers the pull overs tops with circular necks compared to the V neck and button up kind. 

He then asks “What is better: A loving life or a rich life?” 

WOW! I paused and asked him what he thought and why. He explained that it would be a loving life.  A man could be rich and he could live in a big house, like a mansion, but if he has no friends or family he would not be happy. 

41QmW03xfwL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I observe a child who understands the lessons we are living and teaching him.

I thank the universe / my source for all our blessings – and most especially my loving life!

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