Childhood Recollection – DoWoo #111/365

Watched the Jim Carey version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” tonight as a family. I have fond memories of sitting on my dad’s knee, when I was about Greg’s age, to watch the original cartoon version when it came on the boob-tube!

I asked Greg at the beginning to figure out the lesson and explain at the end for us. They were at the point of singing when Greg said “It’s not about the presents, it’s about family.” How true my little man…how very true! 

Interestingly though, today Gregory asked Walter if they could go out to purchase presents.  He came back with a present for his friend, toys for his dog and a present for Walter – to which he said “Daddy said he would forget”. 

Earlier this week Gregory was going on and on about the holidays. I asked him what he liked better: Halloween or Christmas. After a few moments to ponder he answered Christmas because you only get candy at Halloween but at Christmas you get candy AND family!

This is the first year Gregory has not wanted to write a letter to Santa – and in actual fact has not brought the big guy up once.  He has however no such qualms about the tooth fairy – she still rocks when it comes to replacing his tooth with moola!   The house understanding is the cleaner the teeth then paper money but if not as clean as it could be…coin money! This past week the smallest denomination we had was $10 so we gave him $6 to have a bit of fun with him.  When he came down from his room he held out the tooney with a sad face and said this is all he got. Really? Whoa! And it looked so pristine!  How could this be?  He immediately held out his other hand with the 2 $2 coins and exclaimed he tricked us. 

By my calculations there are 20 teeth which fall out for adult replacement – so at $5 per that’s only a $100.  Much more reasonably priced then the dentist!   What do you think?

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