Sandwich Reflection – DoWoo #112/365

If you’ve stuck with me you will have heard reference to Walter and my parent’s recent health concerns.  I’m one of many they call the “sandwich generation” – where we are parents with our children who we are caring for and we are children to our aging parents for whom we care for.   Interestingly as I am the youngest of my siblings – the rest have mostly grown kids or already grandparents with our aging mother.  I wonder…does that make them a triple decker sandwich?

As it was not too long ago I was taking care of our little man, I started pondering the similarities of the newborn to our aged elderly parents.  Please feel free to add to this list in the comment section below:  

  • Life_2d8fa7_550894without teeth
  • eating liquids, slowly moving towards solids
  • having little to no hair, only the rare one has the full head
  • no control of our bodily functions
  • sleeping a lot!
  • spending most of the time laying around in bed while others take care of our needs

We start with a date. We end with a date.  The middle is referred to as our “dash”.  What we do in the middle – between birth and death is who we were in this life.  

In considering this and so many other thoughts of a similar nature today I came across this list by Bronnie Ware – a palliative care nurse who polled her patients responses in their last days in hopes to uncover any regrets so others may learn. 

15e236dTop 10 Regrets Of The Dying

  1. I never pursued my dreams and aspirations.
  2. I worked too much and never made time for my family.
  3. I should have made more time for my friends.
  4. I should have said ‘I love you’ a lot more.
  5. I should have spoken my mind instead of holding back and resenting things.
  6. I should have been the bigger person and resolved my problems.
  7. I wish I had children.
  8. I should have saved more money for my retirement.
  9. Not having the courage to live truthfully.
  10. Happiness is a Choice, I wish I knew that earlier.

Thank goodness for the Master Key Class.  It allows us to address all of the above! Onward my friends. We hold the greatest gift in our hands. Let’s maximize the Experience!!! 


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2 thoughts on “Sandwich Reflection – DoWoo #112/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Wonderful post Carolynn. Thank you for sharing. Your words have touched my heart this morning. Time to push on that £10,000 door a bit harder! 🙂 sending love and hugs to you, Walter and Greg this Christmas. X x x x

  2. lydia johnson

    The dying and their regrets…sad but so true. may we all never have any regrets when we are ready for life’s post adventures!


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