Bins & Our Counsel – DoWoo #122/365

33-13We are now 1/3 of the way to my promise of 365 daily blogs. I know we celebrated at the 1/4 mark but 1/3 is still a bit of a WOW!  

2014-12-31 18.28.50And in honour of the 1/3 mark, we went out and splurged on bins for our relocation. 38 bins to be exact – with various colours so we can arrange what we take with us and store by the exterior of the bin. Walter was only able to bring home 10 in the mustang. When we went back I did not truly anticipate how to fit the rest into the Nissan but we managed – including Gregory (look for the hand) in the back seat.  He was actually buckled in! 

We have decided on the balance of our Board of Directors – our Mastermind – our Loud Smiles International “invisible counsel”.  So in addition to Walter, myself and Gregory we have:


Jeanne Cooper:  A very dear friend who passed last year. She was a no BS, straight shooter who loved all 3 of us and is the reason we have our rescue dog Mya.


Deepak Chopra: A soul who has inspired and continues to inspire both of us in his teachings. The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success is a constant in our daily readings and I am inspired to help our son live these laws to their fullest – teaching others along the way.


Wayne Dyer: A gentleman whose words have altered how we look at life and ourselves, a man who helped to shape Walter many years ago and has helped us both to create an environment where our son true light can shine.


Mark Januszewski: A man who is near and dear to us all (Gregory will always say it “en-THU-siasm”), whose Master Key course has inspired me to write and create this vision for change, who keep us both true to ourselves by reminding us what is important, he understands our limitations and revels in our abilities. 


Ken Varga: A long time mentor and friend of Walter who is a is a self-created, big thinker with a forceful mind, he lives the philosophy of give more get more, and is a huge supporter of our piano bar vision…I know he will be one of our first patrons in Costa Rica (if he can get off that Aruba island long enough!). 

We have the counsel, our mastermind – and we have 38 coloured bins to commence sorting and packing.  Our journey is upon us.  

All good and prosperous things are happening in 2015.

We send blessings of abundance for all you envision for yourself and your family.

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6 thoughts on “Bins & Our Counsel – DoWoo #122/365

  1. Fanny

    So excited to read about your virtual mastermind counsel! You have certainly strengthen your alignment – so excited to read about the upcoming months!


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