In the Flow & Taking Initiative – DoWoo #127/365

k12064258Had a wonderfully fulfilling day. Got 1 full bin packed of Christmas stuff which we are keeping and 3 bins of stuff to garage sale, give away or donation. No questions on most stuff with only the odd discussion with Walter to confirm keep or give. Managed to clear out the dining room cabinets of all the oddities. Had already called my brother about our grandmother’s mantel clock and I will drop it off on Wednesday.

20150105_171417$_20Walter and I discussed the antique book shelf I have had since I moved out of my parents place many many years ago. I don’t recall when this book shelf arrived in our household but I know we had it since before I was 9 – and it may have been around a lot longer than that. We can’t take it with us as the wood would not survive the climate and Greg would most likely not want it as a pass down. So I went on line and started researching what the possible value could be.  THEN I narrowed my search by adding in our location and low and behold there was someone looking for exactly what we have – they even had a picture of what they were looking for and it matched our bookcase – right down to the markings on the metal straps on the side.


I’ve sent off the picture to the interested party with an estimate of what we would like to ask for it.  They responded asking for more pictures.  I have faith in the flow!   

UPDATE: 2 days later, we agreed on a price and money exchanged hands to solidify the deal! I love how when you “key” something with the lessons from the Master Key Experience amazing results take place. 

flow-1i8gl86It is a very interesting thing…this going with the flow. It allows you to observe more…which as you know is part and parcel of why I’m doing this 365 day journey.  I was speaking with a friend of mine yesterday and she mentioned all the “ah ha” moments she has read about.  Upon reflection this evening I realize that is indeed the purpose and benefit of reflection!

If one does not take time to consider what one is doing…how can one change how one interacts, acts and responds to their external world.  Walter commented this evening that he was appreciative of my response when I was in the heat of the #CBHF, allowing him to redirect me to where he believed I needed to go, providing me with the tools I needed to embrace.  I thanked him for his appreciation and for persevering through my #CBHF!  

Volunteer.This week our assignment within the Master Key is to consider how we have witnessed certain virtues. I am concentrating on witnessing “Taking Initiative”.  I did this today…more than a few times – including offering an ergonomic alteration for Walter’s desk to help with neck strain, reaching out to people I have not spoken to in ages through Linked-In, accepted a request to connect with someone I have been estranged from for over a year, the above situation with the bookcase.  Gregory also participated by choosing to set his alarm earlier than usual so he could get ready for school before we did our morning workout.   My friend within the Digital Connections rocked her involvement and presentation material this evening – creating a solid learning tool for the entire class. 

Today was a blessed day! I am most grateful. 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

The 2014/2015 Master Key class commenced September 28th, 2014.

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8 thoughts on “In the Flow & Taking Initiative – DoWoo #127/365

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    My virtue is courage, and each and every example of taking initiative you gave is an example of courage as well . You and your family astound me! My heart swells with appreciation of your bright light… It takes courage to let it shine.

  2. lydia johnson

    The stars and moon are all aligning to your favour! so cool how the universe is providing all the necessary connections to ease your countdown 🙂

  3. Walter Sokil (@LoudSmilesMKMMA)

    I am the one who truly blessed to experience first-hand your evolution. As you said a short yet thoughtful pause before taking initiative is critical. Thank you for sharing these moments.

  4. Sandra Owen

    Ditto on the virtue for this week 🙂 Last year I put Courage first, but this year at this time I feel taking initiative is a vital element to my makeover too. So glad you had a fab day.


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