A Shovel Gets an “I’m In” – DoWoo #128/365

We spoke to Costa Rica! Connected with a wonderful gentleman, Michael, who manages rentals and real estate purchases for the Lake Arenal area.  Chatted for about half an hour, covering all sorts of aspects – different areas, variances and what each has to offer, what kind of rental, suggestions and ideas to consider, schooling, etc.   He even provided me with the local facebook page to which I have already joined as a member and made a few comments.  

loud smile

One post was hilarious.  I ended up thanking them for my loud smile!

Turns out the locals and local expats may have a serious sense of humour – just what I like to see! 

This evening the 3 of us sat down and had another Loud Smiles International meeting. When I explained to Gregory the schooling where we are going may not set up like here…Michael had explained they sometimes start at 9 or 9:30 and let out before noon or earlier, and sometimes the teacher does not show up at all.  


We filled him in on the other information we had gathered thus far, explaining about Consulates and Governments. We then asked Greg about what what his thoughts were – did he have questions, concerns, ideas? 

He wanted to know whether this was a vacation or a move? We explained that we will start out with a tourist visa which is good for 3 months and then we come back to Canada and choose what type of visa we go back to Costa Rica under (we then elaborated on going to the Consulate to find out more information on options). 

Gregory then wanted to know about how much money it would take to have his best friend Anil come to visit? We explained that a round trip it would cost between $800 and $1,000. Whoa! His eyes bugged out and he asked if that was just for one person? Yes.  I asked him whether he was still planning to get a job (as he had proclaimed during an earlier discussion about this exact topic)? He said…well, yeah but not sure doing what. Maybe a lemonade stand?  

I suggested he may want to consider picking up horse poop (no idea where this came from) to which he made a horrible icky face response and stuck out his tongue.  He explained he already picked up Mya’s poop…why would he want to pick up more?  Walter then explained about Darren Hardy (pointing to the Success Magazine on the office desk) and said Darren suggests finding what other people are not wanting to do and then you do it.   It could make much more money than a lemonade stand.  He asked if he needed to use a bag to pick it up, to which I replied no, a shovel. “I’m in!” he replied. 

333BTW – when I was first drafting this post…and got to “success” I glanced down at the word count and it noted 333.


2 thoughts on “A Shovel Gets an “I’m In” – DoWoo #128/365

  1. Able

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Hope you enjoyed your holidays! Can’t believe you’re already in the 100s for your dowoo posts and I SEE THE COUNTDOWN FOR COSTA RICA! SOOOO excited for you guys!!!

    Can’t wait to hear more about Costa Rica… will continue to pop in your blog then and there… as for me, I am leaving for England on the 28th for 2 months, Ireland for 3, and then Greece for 3!


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