5 Time’s a Charm – DoWoo #133/365

Today it is not about what to write about but more which aspect of today to write about. YEAH! 

images (11)Would it be about the fact that my almost 1/2 century body rebelled after I decided to join the kids going down the snow hill on a crazy carpet?  Or would it be about the kindness (our virtue for this weeks’ Franklin Makeover) exhibited by the other parent at the top of the hill when he offered to let my 2 charges go down on his fantastic sled? Or would it be about my son commenting at the dinner table we need to translate “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!” into Spanish for when we are living in Costa Rica?

Today was a day filled with numerous opportunities to observe without opinion but the start was the most challenging.  I’m sure someone out there may relate…

After my morning routine I opened up my laptop and typed in my Microsoft Password – to which it promptly told me it was incorrect.  I checked my caps lock, my #s and then tried again. OK…still not ‘correct’. I tried an alternative password thinking maybe I changed something online or Walter changed something when we got the new Microsoft Office package earlier this week. I even did what every good IT support person tells you to do when all else fails, I restarted my computer. All with no success.  

password is incorrect[4]I called our IT people. Thank goodness for 24-7 support. They said I would need to log onto the Microsoft site through another source and update my password. BUT when I did this using the message noted on my screen, this site did not exist.  Another call to IT support to get the correct site.  Tried it on Walter’s computer – this site does not exist! Turns out our internet was unstable. Tried it on my phone, using my carrier’s access not my WiFi, and was able to change it.

business-it-supportI logged on to my laptop using the new password and it still said incorrect.  I waited a few more minutes (figuring there may be a slight delay) and typed the new password again. SUCCESS!! Then called IT Support again.  I asked them to complete a system diagnostic to see what was going on – as I had not changed my password – so maybe there was something intrusive which had attached itself to my system. IT started doing this and then got kicked out because the internet went down. They tried to call me on my cell but I had forgotten to turn on my sound for the day!

When I came back to my office and found the message on my phone and my screen locked without internet.  I ended up having to restart my computer to get the internet connection again.  When I logging in using my new password I was told it was incorrect.  


Went through the whole new password reset with Microsoft. Called IT Support again (anyone keeping count?) and when I got connected, I was immediately disconnected.  Called in again and finally got someone to link up and review my computer. YEAH! 

download (6)This was not my observation…it was Walters.  He turned to me and said he was impressed. Why? Not too long ago, he explained, I would have thrown up my hands and arms in frustration and asked him to deal with IT Support.  I would not have even made the first call let alone 5.  He was correct – I have come a long way.  It’s still a journey though….as I’m nowhere near where I want to be.  However, today I realized I am certainly well on the road to being the me I envision. 

2 thoughts on “5 Time’s a Charm – DoWoo #133/365

  1. Walter Sokil (@LoudSmilesMKMMA)

    I am so blessed to see you growing. Remember…Be kind to yourself.
    Crazy Carpet!!!!???? Really?


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