Stars Aligned…or Was it the Balls? – DoWoo #134/365

team-sport_1_0Not sure if these are specific developmental “opportunities” which are more prevalent when a child has no siblings but Walter and I have noticed a few areas where Gregory could benefit from some improved “team” interaction.  We discussed this just the other day. I thought…hmmm it’s the middle of winter…how do we get him involved in soccer (he loves) during winter..and then just last week he had tried out for the basketball team at school.

Today he comes home with his agenda and brings it into the office handing it to me with a yellow flyer on top which says “Free Basketball and Soccer One-Day Clinic”. Timing? The stars aligning? Or did we ‘Key’ this request?  

In reading this I was amazed at how they have positioned themselves DARE to LOVE Sports Club.  

dare“Our mission is to teach, inspire and encourage (TIE) our community to promote DARE: discipline, attitude, respect and effort through the spirit of sport; and encourage players to show LOVE at home: listen, obey and volunteer every day. DARE to LOVE.   

We produce good athletes and great citizens. 

We DARE. We LOVE. We TIE it altogether through sport. We DARE you to do the same.”

stars-alignSo not only did the stars align, the balls aligned with an environment inline with all that we aspire to inspire at home.  What an amazing promotional set of acronyms.  Not sure…I believe that may have been an opinion. OK – allow me to rephrase.  Through the use of a clever set of acronyms this club created a brand which is appealing to me.  

On tonight’s Digital Call for the Master Key we were honoured to have a powerful speaker share her story and provide social media guidance based upon her years of experience: Andrea Waltz. One of the areas which peaked my interest was her comment about ‘branding’. Walter and I chose “Loud Smiles” as the name of our Piano Bar about 10 years ago but since then everything remotely associated with creating our dream has been Loud Smiled, sometimes with our tag line twist of “We smile loudly!”  In considering these 3 acronyms I believe we could adopt some of their philosophies to our progression.   

Thank you for stopping by.  Remember to be KIND to yourself today! 


kind to you

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10 thoughts on “Stars Aligned…or Was it the Balls? – DoWoo #134/365

  1. Walter Sokil (@LoudSmilesMKMMA)

    As we are learning every day, the things around us are there for our purpose, we just need to identify what that purpose is. Always fun seeing what stood out in your day.


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