Kindness Amplified – DoWoo #140/365

kindness-other-picWe have a phenomenal mentor within the Master Key Experience.   Mark J not only studies the philosophies…he embraces them – with full throttle “en-THU-siasm”.  This past week the staff asked the members of the class, currently sitting at just over 300, to embrace a week of “Kindness”.  

The concept is a shift on the Franklin Makeover, where we are to concentrate on a specific virtue each day for a full week, tracking our observations on a table.  Through the intent of concentration the virtue is amplified – allowing us to notice it more readily both in others and in ourselves. One can only recognize in others what one already possesses within oneself.

#sWe started this week with a goal – a ‘definite major purpose’ to recognize, do, act, observe and share instances of kindness.  We wrapped up (as of just now) at over 6,100 comments with almost 55% being primary comments and the balance, comments on those comments.  

kindness2IMAGINE….no, on second thought RECOGNIZE…this evening, the world is a kinder, more harmonious, place than it was 7 days ago.  

Gregory asked me this evening what I planned to DoWoo about.  Today was filled with Kindness…how could I observe and write about anything else?  I shared, received, gave, enjoyed, read, and commented on so many acts of kindness this week…it is surrounding me and flowing out of me in waves.  

kindness-7-18-13This morning I sent out a call to our members asking them to kick it up a notch…as we still had only 20 comments to go to hit the full 3,000 individual mark (we had rolled over 3,000 comments in total earlier this week)…and then another member started cheering the group on within the alliance section asking people to exceed expectations and help us go over the 6,000 in total (a few hundred were needed).  We did both.

Now THAT is the way to maximize a mastermind and deliver on a definite major purpose…exceeding expectations to the extreme.  

AND to reward the class members for their efforts, Mark J and his lovely wife, The Fabulous Davene, went out recording Mark giving over 300 FREE HUGS!  Here’s a peak into how the day went!

So now…not only is our world kinder and more harmonious, it is also a space filled with massive amounts of positive energy from all the love!  Keep it going!!!


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the master key experience

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4 thoughts on “Kindness Amplified – DoWoo #140/365

  1. Heather Plude

    Carolynn – I totally feel the happiness from all the kindness. It was great to see Mark and Davene and the island of Kauai. Thanks for sharing and all the pictures are awesome. I am having a hard time deciding which picture to share when I share your post!


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