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embrace-your-emotionsIn the Master Key Experience we are taught you are able to choose what emotion / feeling you attach to a thought and THEN you can choose your thoughts. While I know this in theory and I’ve seen inklings of this peeping through our lives since we immersed ourselves in this class, not until today did I really witness it, think it and feel it.

Walter is such an amazing man. That is a true shout out.  We had discussed how we would deal with the situation of either of our parents passing and while we came up with what we anticipated we would do, how we would react…you just never know till you are actually in the situation itself.   This is when your choices become your reality.  He rocked this.  He explained he is sad and recognizes he will miss her. However, he is happy she is no longer in pain and has moved on. The gathering which will happen in a few days time, to honour his mom, is a celebration of her life.  Here! Here!

We explained to Gregory this evening that his grandmother was no longer with us in her body but her spirit was free to move on.  There was a bit more discussion and then we explained it was OK to feel whatever he was feeling.  It’s all part of someone no longer being with us.  But we also explained we choose to remember all the amazing moments we spent together. We encouraged him to feel comfortable in voicing how he was feeling at any time throughout the next few days as he may experience new things and we can help him understand.

sadnessHe said that he was feeling something in his chest but not in his throat or in his tummy like when he is excited to go to school.  Then later he explained he had an all over sad feeling, still in his chest, a bit in his tummy, some in his throat and his face – not tears but dampness.

So…here is my little man who when he started having what may have been anxiety about going to school (not all of the kids are kind) we had encouraged him to label that feeling as excitement.  In referencing this body reaction and feeling and attaching a label to it of something positive rather than negative, he has adopted that understanding.  He was then able to articulate that it was different than other emotions and then when his body changed, he recognized it again.

Now some people tease me about how I try to turn phrases and situations into positive things. While I do, and I would love to encourage our son to have a similar outlook, there is a time and space for everything. And sometimes you have to feel sad in order to more thoroughly appreciate feeling happy.

This is new to us all.  We are making our way through it.  We have chosen to celebrate and rejoice and that feels good. What other option do we have?

If you are unsure of your answer. Or you believe there is an option. Or you agree with our outlook. Then the Master Key Class is something which may be of interest to you.  If you would like to receive more information on the next class, please provide your details below.  I will make sure you are one of the first in the world to know. IMAGINE being in a calmer, more kinder and gentler space for yourself.  

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

10 thoughts on “Choose What Emotion You Attach – DoWoo #145/365

  1. Heather Plude

    You and Walter are amazing parents and your little man is so lucky to have you. Walter’s mom must have been a wonderful person… because she raised her own little man to be the man he is today. Glad to know all of you. Blessings as you pass through your emotions.

    1. Carolynn Sokil - I Do Woo; Do U? Post author

      We have asked Greg how he feels when something happens, encouraging him to listen to his body as it will help him know what to do. When he has done something he should not have done, he feels a constriction in his throat. We’ve asked him to recognize and log this – so the next time he feels it in his throat, to stop and observe what he is doing before proceeding. Thank you for your kindness and your prayers.

  2. Walter Sokil (@LoudSmilesMKMMA)

    I am blessed to have shared this planet with my Mom for over 63 years. With you as the catalyst Gregory came about to have have nearly 10 years with her. You and Mom have blessed him with intuitive powers. Thank you for sharing.


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