Double Double Booked – DoWoo #146/365

Yesterday  I double double booked myself for noon today.  Walter reminds me that I tend to double book myself but this…well, I will let you decide….

  1. list_double_bookingsWe signed Gregory up for basketball camp – which finishes at 12 noon – and since Walter was at a business session all day, I needed to be there to pick him up. 
  2. I booked a hair appointment for 11:00 – knowing my hair dresser is usually delayed by at least 15 to 30 minutes – and it takes me 20 minutes to get to the basketball camp. 
  3. Confirmed with someone to have a web call at noon. 
  4. AND someone agreed to come look at my dining room set which is for sale at noon.

Yesterday when I realized all this – I sent a note to the person scheduled for the web call and rescheduled.  Then I text’d the person for the dining room set to confirm whether they could come at 12:30 instead. When I showed up at the hairdresser’s and she told me 10 minutes to wait, I explained I had already washed my hair to minimize time and then explained I needed to be out of the salon by 11:45 at the latest. We were done at 11:40, I picked up Gregory right on time and made it back home at 12:25 before the furniture viewing. 

Part way through this exercise Walter text’d me asking how my day was progressing.  I sent back a note saying I had made a list. 

The great news is I sold the dining room set, the bedroom set, a 4 tiered shelving unit, a piece of artwork and the silverware in a storage box.  

We also managed to squeeze in an errand which required driving downtown and back, going shopping and finding black dress shoes and a jacket for Gregory for Monday, have dinner together as a family, see a movie at the theatre and complete a good chunk of my business reporting required for Monday. 

Do I hear the word “productive”?

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