Learned Behaviour or Inherent? – DoWoo #155/365

We talk about looking at things differently in the Master Key. We talk about observing without having opinions. We also talk about rearranging the furniture.  

bedroom_furnitureWhy DO we do that? 

There is a point in the class where we are asked to display 4 key aspects of our DMP – our Definite Major Purpose – around our home; regular letter sized paper, 6 to 8 copies (depending on whether you work from home or not) and each has 4 large coloured shapes displayed with key aspects of your DMP written within the shapes.  

shapesThen every few weeks we are asked to “rearrange the furniture” – sometimes the pages are moved within the house, sometimes the shapes are missing writing and sometimes the shapes change between portrait and landscape. We are coached that our subby (the subconscious) will recognize the changes and will sit up and pay attention.

My son recognized this today but not about the shapes.  This morning I removed 3 framed photos from the walls down the short flight of stairs between the main 2 floors – there are only 5 steps so the walls are not that long.  First he said the house looked plain without the pictures. Then this evening he said when he walked down the stairs he felt he was in someone else’s house even though he knew he was in ours.   

A slight change to your environment can stimulate your brain to sit up and take notice of the change.  However, what I found exciting was our little man recognized / observed this and then was able to articulate it to us.  What is also interesting is he “felt” the change and identified it as not ours. 

tumblr_n0e77gInWf1sh9tc7o5_500I wonder whether this is learned behaviour or inherent to us as human beings?  Are we geared to be attached to our decorative items so that when one is moved or removed, it triggers a feeling of change or loss?  Or are we geared to just recognize change from a survival perspective?  What other options are there? 

I observe ‘rearranging the furniture’ does have a certain trigger to our subconscious…the great news is the Master Key class teaches us how to use this brain-game to our advantage in order to move ourselves towards our purpose.  Imagine teaching yourself to maximize this inner aspect to reach your goals, your desires, your dream!

the master key experience
If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

You have Furniture.
You know how to Rearrange it.
NOW learn how to maximize it! 

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8 thoughts on “Learned Behaviour or Inherent? – DoWoo #155/365

  1. lydia johnson

    Such a great example of Gregory noticing the small changes. In only a few months, he will be noticing new big changes and all of them will become his and yours new norm.

  2. trish

    Hi Carolynn,
    Since you asked me for an opinion… 😉 When i search the recesses of my mind for the answer… My recall summons this: I believe it’s a reflexive learning behavior of our brain… to learn to filter, categorize, reduce stimuli. There’s SO much stimuli constantly around us. Our brains seek to make sense, create order, file. Changes alert us. So by instituting change by choosing our triggers, rather than allowing them to be chosen for us, we create and respond with different associations, expectations, emotions… Of course, when change happens in our world, we get to decide how to respond. 🙂

  3. Marea Adejuwon

    I find if you live in a constant state of change, then adapting is easier. To become attached to one thing in one place without movement or adjustment is somehow to forget it’s even there. Oddly, whatever it was seems to be forgotten, less important, or potentially irrelevant. Interact with your environment! CHANGE!!! It’s a stimulus, and stimulation means action. Don’t sit still. Get up and KEEP MOVING THE FURNITURE!


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