Winter Wonder What? – DoWoo #161/365

appreciatePassed a sign in front of a church this weekend. 

Was unable to stop as it was un-plowed, slippery, snowy roads on a down slope.

It had the same verbiage as this message.  

One of the things we’ve learn in the Master Key is that everything around you is there for a reason. We create what we think about.  What I was thinking about was WINTER! 

2008-01-28-banked-bikeWalter and I have always said we are not winter people.  When I was chatted with one of the other guest at the resort this morning, she commented “I’m not a winter person. But what can we do, we live in Canada?” My answer…move to Costa Rica!  Just because we were born somewhere does not mean that is the extent of where we need to reside. However, I’ve also known people who have never left their town, their province/state, let alone considered moving out of their country. But…as “they” say….different strokes for different folks. 

freezerYou may be wondering what possessed me to go away – UP NORTH – when I am not a winter person?  While originally this came about for totally other reasons, I’m not understanding it was so I could recognize and appreciate what we have before it becomes what we had.  Over the years many people, when they hear where we planned to move, would respond by saying “You’ll miss the seasons.” or “You’ll miss winter.”  The last one we would typically reply that if we ever did miss winter, all we would need to do is open the freezer and stick our head in to remember it.  

I must admit after all the brutal cold and ucky weather so far this season, this weekend was to remind me how beautiful winter can be. It snowed Friday to now – almost non-stop.  The kind which comes down gently – consistently – making everything white. Trees are covered in little fluffs of snow.  Fields are rolling hills of white.  Whoever coined the phrase “a winter wonderland” must have been away at a place similar to where I was, on a weekend such as this.

winter-photos-5Have decided before THIS winter is over, Walter, Gregory and I will get away for the weekend to enjoy some of what this lovely country offers us. We do appreciate what we have.  However, we are also completely OK with “it” becoming what we had.  We can always visit snow when the mood moves us to. 

What about you?
Are you a winter person?  

If not, how would YOU feel about living in a place without it? 

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