Make the Ride Count – DoWoo #165/365

I am continuously amazed by my little man.  There must be a slew of other parents out there who feel about their kids as Walter and I do about Gregory.  I want to find them.

Are YOU one of these parents??

mountainsidehospblog.shovelingsnowAs I’ve shared previously Gregory gets excited when it snows.  Snow means an opportunity to shovel. Which means $$ in his pocket. Which means he can purchase whatever he wants.  This week however he totally blew me away with his generosity.  

He has 2 key friends at school. The first is a boy whose parents split just over a year ago and his mom does not have much, if any, disposable income.  The other young boy is someone who recently moved to Canada as his dad is here on a work assignment for 10 months.  

xbGregory asked me to do a search on how much it would cost to purchase Minecraft for XBox 360.  I found this strange since we don’t have an XBox. When I told him it was about $20 he got excited and said he wants to get this for his friend. His first friend has a computer and watches videos of Minecraft but cannot play it as he does not have the program. However, his dad bought him the XBox for Christmas and this would work perfectly.  AND with Valentines Day coming up…Gregory explained he now has an occasion to give it for rather than just giving it.  

Toys-R-Us-Gift-CardTHEN he explains the $25 Toys R US gift card he got for Christmas he is going to give to his other friend so that he can buy a nice toy or game before he goes back to India.  

My heart is filled with love and gratitude that Gregory picked us to share his journey! 

This evening we are cuddling and chatting about stuff when I notice the light was flickering. Yeah, an opportunity to teach.  I explained that anytime a light is flickering, we should check into it.  It could be bad, a sign of something wrong with the bulb or the electrical wiring – so Walter would need to look into it to make sure we stay safe.  

He pipes up and says “Opposite of good”. Huh?  Gregory explains: “I use ‘opposite of good’ rather than saying ‘bad’, this way it’s less negative and more positive.” 

OK – that works! 

positive-vs-negativeWalter and I made a choice when we found out we were pregnant. We agreed this was still our ride until our child was old enough to have their own ride – and so they would be along for our ride wherever that may lead. AND secondly, once Gregory was born, we agreed we would do our best to make every day count.  

I’m observing…this ride I thought was ours is now OURS – all of us.  AND Gregory makes it easy for me to make each day count…he’s right there with us!   I’m reminded of the 3 words Walter and I chose for our wedding vows “I AM US”.  We certainly are. 

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