Question of the Day – DoWoo #170/365

Why do  we associate feelings with inanimate objects?

Allow me to elaborate.

For those of you who may have followed our journey recently, you’ll know we are preparing to list our home and then relocate to Costa Rica. So while we are “de-cluttering” from a real estate perspective we are also divesting ourselves – we will not be bringing much with us. Every day for the last few weeks we have been working towards all of this (and then some).

Today we purchased a table and 4 chairs to replace the older oak set which took up a good portion of the eating area in the kitchen. It matched the kitchen from a marketing perspective and would take up less space.  All good aspects to make sure we show off the house to it’s best.

During the drive over to pick it up I was feeling rather excited – I mentioned it to Walter – I was actually a bit giddy. As Walter assembled it, I carried the old set out to the curb, placing it at the end of the driveway (yes….it was sitting on the snow).  When the new furniture was set up in it’s place, I observed the new look and suddenly realized I had been harbouring some very strong emotions towards the old set. Walter knew this in general – since up until recent I had a penchant for being vocal about my opinion (HENCE why I’m working on this character trait by blogging about not having one…why else would someone be crazy enough to commit to writing a blog post for 365 days in a row?)

But I digress…

Until this moment I had no any idea how strongly I disliked the previous set.  Walter asked why?I explained it was clunky, large, heavy, worn….and it belonged to he and his (practice) wife during a previous marriage.

Now that my friends, THAT is how to give an opinion!


I thought about this. Realizing I had attached a feeling to this table. AND then I had allowed it to simmer within me for years. Not something I thought of often but each time I did, it was apparently allowing this negative feelings to fester.

Why the heck would anyone do this to themselves?!

We attach feelings to objects.

Remember, the world without is a reflection of the world within. If we have negative feelings towards inanimate objects, what does this say about our world within?  What is the correlating world without?

Bear with me now…2nd situation:

I have a decent (Walter says “in-decent”) collection of jewelry. Today I was packing it up, sorting what I may wish to keep, give away or sell and I realized there were pieces which I recalled why I purchased them, or when I wore them…attaching feelings to each – with some having a slightly higher sentimental value. Some were gifts from Walter or Gregory, and I allowed the feeling of when they presented the piece, maybe where I wore it last, the look on their faces – all of this to wash over me. Again, I attached feelings to these inanimate objects.

I’ve sat here and tried to figure out what this observation means.  I’m so totally not sure. But maybe that too is for a reason.  To allow me to recognize that I am unable to have all the answers immediately.

Ooooh – now that in itself is an observation – LOL! 

Would love to hear back from YOU as to what YOU think – yes I’m asking for your opinion ….

Why DO we associate feelings with inanimate objects?

.  For now, I will bid you adieu. Buenas Noches!




2 thoughts on “Question of the Day – DoWoo #170/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    What an interesting post Carolynn. You know the first thoughts that come to my mind is that it is not the inanimate object but rather the person or feeling behind the object that we are attaching our feeling to. The object itself becomes a sort of horcrux (for any Harry Potter fans lol)!
    If your feelings are positive and make you feel happy then keep the object, but if they are negative, we should recognise and acknowledge the feeling so we can course correct R2A2, and then get rid of the object as a sort of declaration that the person, circumstance or emotion no longer has any hold over us emotionally. Really enjoyed your post Caroylnn, feeling really inspired to review my own house contents ha ha
    Sandra Owen recently posted…Week 19 Hide and SeekMy Profile

    1. Carolynn Sokil - I Do Woo; Do U? Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Sandra – truly appreciate your input. Had to look up ‘horcrux’ though because even having watched it, I’m not familiar with the nuances. The object may be the recall trigger to the feeling rather than holding the feeling itself – however, it was so strong on both instances I found it to be something to explore further. I am in agreement through about getting rid of the object which had the negative reaction attached to it. I just could not get rid of everything Walter brought with him from his past LOL! You’ll have to share how you make out when your review your own house contents. Blessings!


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