Positive Energy – DoWoo #172/365

Visited my mom today in the hospice. When I announced I was there she greeted me by name. We had a nice chat. I mentioned that one of my sisters was coming later and staying over.

travelbags450x200During our chat I recognized that if I put aside my personal baggage with this sibling – and looked at her from a different perspective (maybe a bit of yesterdays outside looking in) I realized she is a good daughter. She has always been there to do and to ask and respond, to set up and organize, to include and manage. My mom is blessed to have a daughter such as this. “You certainly have a good one there.” I told my mom.

My mom has 7 of us: 5 daughters and 2 sons.  I remember asking her whether she imagined all these kids. When she answered “no” I asked how then? To which she responded “My eggs were hot!”  When I step back and consider what each of us brings to our relationship / our interaction with mom – I realize she is truly blessed. She has a good variety of characters to keep her entertained – we are all individuals that is for certain.

The same sister I mentioned showed up shortly thereafter and set up her laptop and her overnight bag letting mom know she was all set for the sleep over. She pointed out all the little things we could do to help mom stay more comfortable – I helped a bit. I observed that she knew a lot of what was going on with mom from her constant visits.

Just as I was leaving one of the nurses came in. We recognized each other from my previous visit. She gave me a big smile, we embraced with a heartfelt hug and words of greeting. My sister looked up (it seemed with a bit of surprise) asking if we knew each other from before. We admitted to just having met the last time I was in.

THIS is what I bring for mom. Positive enthusiastic energy filled with happiness and joy. Giving her a kiss as I left, I whispered to mom “Stay out of trouble. And if not, tell me about it later.” I heard her chuckle. 

“I live this day as if it is my last.” – Og Madino


I am truly blessed to have been given a scholarship, and now introduce others so they may have a chance to obtain a scholarship, in the Master Key class.  With everything we learn, I am now in a position to choose how I look at things…even my moms declining health and ultimately my own mortality.  

I ask you…do you want an opportunity to look at things differently?  Only you can choose to take the next step.  I promise it is a ‘positive’ one – LOL!   Opt in below and I will personally ensure you receive the information about the next class (Fall 2015).  Then you can review the information for yourself and decide.  What have you got to loose? Nada.  What have you got to gain? Whatever you set your mind to! 

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