Reconnect – DoWoo #174/365

28767714Walter and I were driving to dinner tonight – date night without a babysitter as Gregory is at camp! Woo Hoo!  Anyway, I commented on the traffic, and Walter did not listen to me.    I commented it was a good thing he had not listened to me as my observation was incorrect.  His response: 

“I do listen to you, I just make my own decisions.”

imagesWhoa! I like that!  It makes so much sense.  People DO listen and then they make the choice whether they wish to do anything with the information you shared, let it drift out like it was never there or possibly choose to comment on it for discussion. 

download (10)So…Walter and I had a great time chatting during dinner, we even asked Josh to slow down the service as it was timed so we did not have time to chill while eating, great fast hot food but we were in the zone to just be relaxed. He did a great job of readjusting the food schedule.  We talked philosophically liked we used to.  It was a glorious evening of reconnecting. 

it-was-my-pleasure-thumb you-are-welcomeWe had a great discussion at the end of our dinner with our server – Josh. We shared the philosophy of choosing to respond to the phrase “thank you” with either “you’re welcome” or “it is my pleasure” rather than “no problem” which gives the person who just thanked you two negatives words (even if they were not meant in that context – remember, words are the highest form of architecture). 

Josh listened and made his own decision. He chose to embrace the information we offered to share and he agreed to receive.  What I loved was his reaction to our interchange…he said he would love to pull up a chair and sit down and chat with us.  How kind! What a compliment.


8 thoughts on “Reconnect – DoWoo #174/365

  1. Cori

    Made me take a whole new look at my choice of words. Funny how negativity can creep in to your everyday language. I use “no problem” all the time. I think I may consciously change my response.

    1. Carolynn Sokil - I Do Woo; Do U? Post author

      WooHoo! Well done for recognizing this within you Cori. That’s half the equation. Now all you have to do is choose a different response. Took me a few months to fully adjust this habit but it takes hold in about 3 weeks of consistency. Let me know if you need any guidance – I’m here to help!

    1. Carolynn Sokil - I Do Woo; Do U? Post author

      Wish I could clone him for you…he’s a true gem. I made a list when I was about 15 of what I wanted in a man. Took me a few practices and I kissed a few frogs along the way but each time I got closer and closer to my ideal mate…then BAM! Walter and I met. I can still close my eyes and remember the moment I first laid eyes on him. I wish you a fruitful search (make a list!)


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