Black Thumb Blues – DoWoo #177/365

pothosToday it hit me how much I like our house plants.  Now…that may seem a bit strange for some but you have to understand the back story.  I have never been a person with a green thumb.  Every time I had a plant…somehow it died. I even tried devils ivy which I was told was “easy to grow”.  A plant hearty enough no one could kill.

I did!

images (24)The longest relationship I ever had with a plant was when I had my first apartment by myself – no more roommates!   I splurged and purchased a different plant. I believe it was a rubber plant; Something considered to “need only basic care to look good”.   I liked it because I only had to water it once a week.  I had a cat. If I could water the cat, I could water a plant – right?  And the bonus? If I forgot to water it, the leaves drooped a bit which would REMIND me to water it. 

The relationship was good. I was pretty faithful about the once a week thing and the droop reminder was a only needed occasionally. However, after a while, old habits prevailed and it started to get to the point that every time the plant needed to droop before it got watered.  It was this glaring sign “WATER ME!” when it got all slumped over.  But miraculously within a day it was looking good again. 

That is UNTIL….

black thumbI looked at the plant one day. It said “WATER ME!” and I said to myself “Oh, I must remember to water the plant.”  The next day the plant said “WATER ME!” and I replied “Oh, yes! I need to water the plant.” After a week of this conversation, the plant gave up on me. It died.

After that I invested in plastic. It was a great relationship, just not one with activity on both sides.  That is…until Walter. 

Walter has 2 green thumbs! He has a knack with plants. As did his mom. She had a property filled with rose bushes. When Water was about 5 years old, he brought her home a tiny Forget Me Not flower with a teeny root, and his mom filled a space in her garden. That single flower parented flowers our son played hide and seek with his Bunia 55 years later.  His gift brought life back into our home. 

plantsToday, when our task was to put all the finishing touches on the house prior to the virtual tour company coming tomorrow morning to take pictures, I moved all our plants downstairs onto his work bench. When the agent was here on Monday, he again specified we needed to remove the plants from all the rooms.  Supposedly not everyone likes plants. So again, in order to appeal to the maximum number of potential buyers…we neutralized.   

Once the plants were gone it felt so much more not ours. The life Walter had breathed into our home no longer adorned each room. I missed our plants!

My black thumb is now playing the blues!

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