Fun Filled – DoWoo #181/365

Had a fun filled day. The morning was mostly spent listening to the other speakers and gleaning aspects from their presentations to align mine in a way which complimented.  Must be honest, I still get nervous about speaking but I know this is normal and will only make me the best I can be.  

I had fun with it and the audience appeared engaged throughout.  The accolades afterwards were just what I needed to hear to set my mind at rest.  I had knocked it out of the ballpark infusing my delivery with enthusiasm, knowledge and fun! 

We enjoyed lunch and dinner together. It was refreshing to be among a group of like minded individuals who speak a similar language.  The energy fluctuated, for the most part, from good to exceptional. What a way to spend the day. I am blessed.

Was speaking with Courtney at dinner this evening about the difference between back when I was in corporate to now – she asked me if I was better off then or now?  

Interestingly, I immediately went to the financial part of being better off. However, upon considering this Courtney asked whether this would be financial or otherwise. I realized that although I may have had more money when working in corporate, I was in a much better space now – happier and more fulfilled.  

An amazing day overall. I look forward to nurturing the relationships planted this weekend.  

6 thoughts on “Fun Filled – DoWoo #181/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Congratulations Carolynn. I understand exactly what you mean about feeling in a happier place doing your own thing compared to being in a paid role. Money or no money, feeling happy is the most important aspect if life. X
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