Uh oh! I Did NOT Master My Emotions – DoWoo #189/365

Yesterday I wrote about mastering my emotions – using all the tools taught within the Master Key Experience. This was about my moms funeral and working with my siblings through the event.  

This morning…not so much! 

I was catching up with a friend on the phone this morning and decided to go sit in our living room on the leather couch. Since we “de-cluttered”, in order to present the optimum version of our house for real estate selling purposes, I have only sat in this room maybe twice. Both times I was just sitting – and not lounging across it the way I used to when it was positioned differently in the room.  Now it sits facing the 9′ wide picture window whereas previously it faced inward. In order to look out the window before de-cluttering – you needed to sit across it – lounging.  Now if I were to lounge, I face a plain red wall.  

During this phone visit I decided to stretch out, moving the big ass pillows which were there to decorate the couch.  This lounging position put me facing the side arm of the couch (it’s more like a booth as the sides are almost as high as the back).  

This is what I saw!

someone carved letters intot the arm  someone carved letters into the arm  other side - scratched all the way down  more of the discolouration marks  full scratch all over the entire arm

Other than a poltergeist situation I can only conclude this happened when someone viewed the home.   One of the people who viewed our house must have allowed their child(ren) – as I simply cannot imagine an adult doing this – to use our $4,500 leather couch as a climbing gym and drawing tablet. 

Who would allow their children to remain alone in someone else’s home – with breakables in the room – let alone a leather couch? AND who would have moved the pillows back to their original position in order to cover up their children’s activity?  

Needless to say…my reaction was not calm.  I was royally pissed!  While I immediately notified our agents – the response asking us to consider whether someone else may have done this SINCE the showings last weekend was not well received.   We are 100% comfortable this is not our son as he knows what the “cause and effect” is with doing anything on this couch.  He already experienced it a few years ago.  AND we’ve had no one else in the house – we’ve been preparing and dealing with a funeral! 

The next response – explaining it was not being something they could go back on any one agent was totally understood – I get it.  How can you call 40 agents and narrow it down to one visitor from a week ago? Unfortunately the way the response was worded (in my humble, 30+ year of customer service, opinion – I know, I know I had an opinion) was nowhere near close to being appropriate – nor helpful in anyway.

So, I remained…royally pissed!
A bit more so, if that was even possible. 

Our son asked “Why would someone do this?”  That really is the question here is it not?  Walter had to explain that not everyone is as careful, cautious or considerate of other peoples belongings as we are.  

I have to ponder the question…What is the point of Walter and I working so hard to instill these aspects in our son’s reality only to have to then deal with the results of others who do not abide by the same guidelines as we ask him to live by?  

I am reminded of Walter’s explanation to Gregory:  A coin has 2 sides – you cannot have one without the other.  In the same manner, all aspects of life have 2 sides.  Good/Bad; Positive/Negative; Easy/Challenging.  

While I get this (logically) I admit having to work VERY hard in order to master the negative feelings brewing within me this morning. Talking myself through all sorts of permutations and re-framing, using all the tools at hand, in order to finally embrace a semblance of calm.  How we proceed regarding the couch?  Well, the jury is out.  The good news is….today ends at midnight! 




5 thoughts on “Uh oh! I Did NOT Master My Emotions – DoWoo #189/365

    1. Carolynn Sokil - I Do Woo; Do U? Post author

      Boy…you certainly know how to ask the right question at the right time in the right manner! That’s why I love you Cassandra. Hmmm…I was pretending not to know that stuff is not what matters in the whole scheme of life. I was also pretending not to know that I know better! LOL You are my blessing from God. Mucho Gracias


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