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The 3 of us are in the process of learning Spanish – using translation dictionaries, language books and online apps to help us.  Putting together phrases or sentences we use regularly.   The other day Walter showed me an app which allows you to take a picture or scan something with your smart phone and voila! Instant translation!  Holy Sugar – this is so totally going to help rock our transition. 

This morning Walter sends me this cartoon saying it reminds him of our son Gregory and his dog Mya. 

boy and dog

Rather than type the verbiage into Google translate – I sent it to myself as a JPEG as the app I downloaded yesterday supposedly allows you to use pictures and it will translate for you. But then my phone converted the JPEG to winmail.dat file – which I could not open on my phone. Being the digital diva that I am…I decided to take a screen shot! 

digital diva

Walter, watching me do this with a big smile on his face, asked “Newfie Screen Shot?”  I admit my blond does come out of a bottle so I’ll have to embrace my Newfoundland heritage for this case – my dad always encouraged me to laugh “with” rather than “at” the joke.  

After not getting yesterdays downloaded app to work on this cartoon, I downloaded the Google Translation app, printed the cartoon so I could scan it with my phone – and voila! for the most part it worked.  Way cool!  So for those of you who don’t speak / read Spanish:

boy and dog english

The 4th box kept giving me different translations so I typed it online to translate. I learned that in Spanish the use of punctuation has a significant impact on the verbiage. 

Without any ! at the beginning or a capital on the first word – it translated to: “will never die”. Add in the ! at the beginning OR a capital on the first word and now it translates to: “Do not ever die.”  However, as soon as you add in the second ! at the end of the sentence – the full translation is now: “Do not die ever!”    A few weeks ago when someone asked me which Spanish I was learning – I answered “Google Spanish”.  

I realized there is even more to Spanish than I had imagined. Once we get to Costa Rica, I’m sure there will be local adjusting required.   I choose to totally embrace this learning experience and look forward to where it will take us all. 

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