LOL! – DoWoo #192/365

Laughter truly is the best medicine…is it not?? 

downloadThroughout today this was the running theme: whether it was us helping others find laughter in the moment, others sharing moments which made us laugh or Walter helping me to laugh – it all felt so good! 

I remember when I worked in a corporate environment, the more stressed I was the more I laughed.  I even let my team know the amount of laughter was in direct correlation to my level of stress.  So if I appeared rather jovial, it may be best to tread carefully.  Somehow finding  something to laugh about – well it turned the craziness around. 

In thinking about this tonight…I now realize I was using the Law of Substitution.  Hey, what do you know?  

I just realized I do not do this with laughter anymore. Stress and laughter are not connected anymore. I laugh because it feels good to laugh. I live (for the most part) in laughter. It’s a really nice space to reside. Rest assured this does not mean it looks like a comedy routine – more like happiness bubbling up – some small, some medium, some overflowing – Loud Smiles!  I look forward, since I am now cognizant of it, I will continue to increase this space until it encompasses my entire being. Allowing any less desirable spaces to implode. 

Today is going to be  a short DoWoo.  I admit life has caught up with me and I choose to get off this lovely electronic tool, curl up with a good book, relax, reconnect with myself during my evening sit, and sleep with dreams of warm water, sand, sunshine and a hammock. 

20150311_225118aFor those who have blessed us during our journey thus far – thank you!  We are grateful for all the support, the encouragement, the warmth and love you have shared.  May you all have laughter infused within your journey.  God bless! 

But before you go….would it be OK if I leave you with what was one of my truly loud smiles today – courtesy of Walter.  Last night he gashed his head.  

Throughout today he would bow his head and say “I’ve got my eye on you.”  

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