Noun not a Verb – DoWoo #194/365

Noun: Person, Place or Thing
Verb: Action Word


“Passenger” is a Noun NOT a Verb! 

This is what Walter said to me when we were driving the other day. Hmmm…can you imagine what I was doing to elicit such a lovely phrase? 

planToday was a busy day filled with work and meetings but interestingly it was a space of realignment. We are now onto the next bit of the elephant – sorting and organizing to sell what we own. I observe that I work well with a time frame and a plan.  These famous words come to mind.

We managed to turn our entire house upside down and put back together in minimalistic manner in 4 weeks. We sold it in 2. Now we need to do the same with everything else we own and we have  10 weeks to do it in.  The race begins! 

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