Passed & Past – DoWoo #195/365

download (1)So…today’s observation is one which reflects poorly on me. But since I must remain true to this experience, I must also accept that I mess up.  AND what is the best way to learn??  Through your mistakes…right!?

I was brooding today (not a good thing to do – but a recognized part of my old blue print) about how I spoke to my neighbours during the day the home inspector for the buyers was here.  This is the day the basement had water due to the ice blocking the run off pipe.  I was a wee bit stressed out. 

I started to type the details of both the situations when I realized – THAT was not what was important here.  As Walter tried to explain to me this morning when I asked him to help me get out of this brooding space – the incident is passed and past. 

So – I asked myself. Is there something I can change?  Can’t change what I did. Can’t change what I said. Can’t change their current perception of what I did and said. However, what I can change is how I proceed today and in the future. 

newhirecheckimageFirst, next time I see either of them – I will apologize for my actions.  They were not who I am. 

Next, recognize I cannot ask for forgiveness.  Forgiveness is something which must be freely given. By asking for it, rather than waiting for it it be offered, is it not possible that when you get it (after asking) that it may not be freely given. 

Lastly, R2A2 and decide personal action going forward.  

Stressing out over a situation does not help.  a) I am not thinking clearly and b) what I do is based upon not thinking clearly so c) what ends of happening is stuff which I then spend time brooding about afterwards when I should not be. 

meSO….Next time I’m stressed out I will do for myself what the Baby Whisperer teaches in her book about how to react to a baby’s cry:  SLOW: Stop; Listen; Observe; What’s up?  THEN and only THEN will I take action. THIS will be a huge shift for me.  I am used to doing the “OMG, how fast can I fix this issue dance” reaction to everything.  NO MORE! 

Anticipated results: Calmer me.  More organized plan of action.  Reduced chance of rudeness on my part.  Decreased time for brooding.  Happier me more often. YEAH! 

That is how I observed MY day.
How was yours?


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