I Did What I Said I Would – DoWoo #205/365

15 days ago I wrote about my aha moment…of the idea to use the Serenity Prayer to help me in any situation I found myself.  Last night I struggled.  I made a conscious effort and chose to accept, have courage and embrace wisdom.

A situation arose which was a bit distressing…that is, if I chose to work with my ‘old blueprint and feed the negative peptides’ distressing.  This is one of the foibles I am working on – to shift my response.  In a few short hours I must have stopped myself 5 times and asked the following questions:

it_photo_107887Can I do anything about the situation?
Can my actions change anything right now?
At first the answer to this question was yes – I then moved onto:
Whatever I can I do at this moment, have I done it?
The answer YES!
Now…back to the beginning.
Can I do anything about the situation?
Can my actions change anything right now?
The answer No.
Since there is nothing to be done right now….I moved onto:
Do I know this…truly know that I cannot do anything?
Once I was able to answer YES, I released it.

02_Jiminy_CricketThis was no easy task…hence 5 tries on one fairly simple situation.  I even brought Walter into the conversation twice.  I usually know what I should do…but I don’t always listen to myself. Ever had one of THOSE days?

I roped my husband in…and thank goodness we’ve taken the same classes and read the same books.   Walter adds to my internal conversation by being almost like my very own Jiminey Cricket. He shares what I already know.  He just says it in a different way than I may have.  Most often I find this exercise gives that little extra push which realigns me into the reality I know is available.

Gracias Walter por todo lo que eres, todo lo gue haces por me. Tu eres mi roca! Te amo!



2 thoughts on “I Did What I Said I Would – DoWoo #205/365

  1. lydia johnson

    Bravo! Sometimes I ask myself “is it really true?” Sometimes that helps me deal with the size of an issue. You may want to add that to your questions when it feels right. 🙂


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