Name Game – DoWoo #207/365

6dNeeded to reach out to someone today for business purposes.  Unfortunately their email and contact details were lost when my outlook blew up last week. I considered all my possible options and chose to play connect the people.  I recalled the first name of the person who introduced us. I then reached out to the person who introduced me to that person.  I sent them a note on Linked-In (because I  did not have their details either). 

I then forgot about it…knowing it would come to me.  Over the next few hours I got flashes. First it was an A then it was the whole first name…and finally the last name.  As soon as the name came to me, I typed it into my search engine and found her – even before the connection of the connection had gotten back to me. 

Idea-5The mind is truly an amazing tool.  I used to joke about my mom having the ability to not listen but record what was being said to her. Then when she had to respond, she would pause – almost as if she was replaying the recording in her head, and then she would respond.  

We humans are amazing creatures.  I am truly grateful for my thoughts which allowed me to recall.  Now…if I could only find my car keys! 

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