Are We Being Honest – DoWoo #208/365

Gregory was speaking at the school assembly today – which he asked us to come a few weeks ago. His role was to read a few sentences in their version of “A Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Out of the 28 kids, Gregory was 1 of 6 “readers” and the rest of the class played the role of the villagers, the sheep and the wolf.

We started the assembly singing “Oh Canada!”. Then after the end of the play, the teachers awarded children from each grade with the “Honesty Award”. 1 or 2 from each class, brought up by grades – from grades 1 to 5. Each child was given a paper certificate and a wrist band with this month’s virtue written on it.

One of the other parents beside us had brought their daughter – maybe 12 or 13 months old. She started out toddling around, but gradually became more vocal and at one point was laying on her back, spinning around using her legs, communicating the whole time – communicating in a way only a 1 year old can do.

I looked over at her at one point as she spun…and found her using the grade 5 sitting in front of us on the floor as her personal spinning assistant. He just smiled down at her and allowed her to walk across his arm and back.

What I saw was a child doing exactly what she wanted – without any need to conform. If she was frustrated, she let us know. If she was having fun, she let us know. If she needed comfort, she ran into her mothers arms, running out again as soon as she had what she desired. She was being totally honest with herself.

Imagine living life as an adult with this same enthusiasm? Imagine not having to worry about what others think of your position? This little girl was doing what I have found myself pondering…laying down and just spinning without a care in the world! However, AS an adult, we are conditioned to conform to social customs. That is…to be quiet when others are conversing, to pay attention and not interrupt, kids should be “seen and not heard”. Are we being honest?

I will need to give this observation some further thought. However, in the meantime, please feel free to share your thoughts…I’m interested in hearing others opinions on this. Gracias!

2 thoughts on “Are We Being Honest – DoWoo #208/365

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    The purpose of etiquette is to define the rules of engagement in a culture or society. They define what is considered respectful or disrespectful, what honors or dishonors. Without them, community cannot exist. The one year old might be charming, but what about a 14 year old masterbating in public to calm raging hormones or taking your child’s food from him because he decided it looked tastier than that which he had on his plate?
    Unbridled enthusiasm in the living of one’s passion and purpose are only possible because of rules of engagement. They can be your prison or your ticket to ride. Each one gets to choose which it will be for himself in his life.
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    1. Carolynn Sokil - I Do Woo; Do U? Post author

      Thank you for adding to the observation Cassandra. I knew there was more to this that what I had stated. There is something to be said for etiquette. Realizing there is more to what meets the eye…more thought which can add to an observation. I am grateful for your input.


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