Movement – DoWoo #213/365

I recognized this evening I needed to revisit my objective with my DoWoo journey.  Maybe this is what happens when I went over my tipping point yesterday.  

Have I been a true observer for the last 200+ days?  Have I allowed opinions to creep in? What IS the difference between an observation and an opinion?   Unfortunately by sharing my definition I may be veering into ‘opinion’ territory…so, please bear with me.

No-Opinion-Icon-for-picks-fanpop-343698_130_130download-36This is how I explained the difference to Gregory:  An observation is something which is actual, factual, it should be the same for everyone no matter what perspective they are looking from (ie: the boy has hair); An opinion would be something which has your own personal tilt added into the equation, something which could differ with whomever is doing the observing (ie: the boy has dirty or long or short or messy hair). 

However, I then wonder whether I would I grow in this process of DoWoo-ing if all I did was observe based upon my existing knowledge and what I know to be true actual fact?  What I’ve noticed is I observe and then I attempt to understand without opinions clouding my observations or my understanding.  So, the act of observing may not be just about stating the facts, it may also be about how those facts intermingle with other aspects being observed.  And being open to what is available. 

When I ended yesterday’s DoWoo with the question I wonder….do kids end up listening to their parents because we listen to them?”  I realized a key aspect of the process of observation may be the act of asking questions.   On the flip side – imagine the same information shared in this way: “Kids end up listing to their parents because we listen to them.”  Is this statement open?  Is there room for movement of understanding?   No.  So THIS would then have been similar detail but shared as an opinion. 

I’m realizing statements of observations can easily go down that slippery slope toward opinions. However, if I position the same information in the form of a question, I ask myself to think and in the process I open the observation up for others to include their observations – ultimately allowing that movement of understanding. 

What do you think??


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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

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