Embrace & Release – DoWoo #215/365

catch_and_release_logoNow this may sound similar to catch and release but I assure you…this has nothing to do with fishing.  Although you could choose to use this philosophy for fishing if that is your thing.  

This morning I received news of something which could have been perceived as sad or unfair. Turns out the first person wanted to do X.  The other person, in control of X, advised the first person X was no longer available.  

ideasIn considering options, numerous ideas went through my head.  What I ended up embracing was 1) the only person I have any control over is me and 2) all things happen for a reason, and when that reason shows itself it is inline with my predominant thoughts.

I have had numerous instances lately which have shown me something challenging shows me a brighter path. It may not happen instantaneously but it does happen.  I suggested the first person release the situation, and the other person’s decision, and embrace faith in God / the Universe / our source to reveal the ultimate benefit – all in good time.

silver liningI have experienced situations which are devastating at the time but in hindsight, without that devastation, the huge benefit / gift received may not have transpired. Recently

I’ve noticed that when I have totally embraced the belief that a challenge has a silver lining, and release any need for the outcome to be revealed “now” – allowing it to unfold as it is meant to – the benefit I received appeared fairly quickly.

When I have struggled with the challenge, complaining, berating….living in the negative space it provides if I allow it to – THEN the benefit appears to have taken a long time to make itself known to me.

I choose embrace and release.
What would you choose?


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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Do you realize that the choice is TOTALLY up to you?

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