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spaceThis is something I have been giving some serious thought to.  How is it that we feel we need to protect ourselves from others when they give us no cause for concern – no indication that anything is astray? From what I have observed, it appears to be because certain people have been burned.  And because they have been taken advantage of, a good portion of the rest of us now live in a negative space, second guessing someone’s motives.  While this is a space I have been known to visit – I’ve never enjoyed being there.

What would the world look like if people were to say what they mean and mean what they say? If everyone were to chose a road of kindness and compassion for their fellow human beings?  Is this even possible?  Is there such a space where this portion of “utopia” exists.

UtopiaLet us embrace the philosophy that everything we learn in the Master Key is true and our thoughts DO create our reality. Imagine each of us now has 2 choices: 1) embrace as reality that everyone is truthful and treats others as we were all meant to treat and be treated – with compassion and respect; or 2) wonder whether it is possible another human being may act in ways which are not true or compassionate/respectful to another.

The reality may then be that depending upon which option a  person chooses to embrace, they are correct.  As Henry Ford stated: “Whether you think you can, or you can’t – you’re right.”

realityI imagine that if I choose option 2 – and if something goes astray – I could then do the dreaded “I told you so” speech to myself and feel vindicated EVEN if the result is someone lying to me and being disrespectful.    I thought about this happening…and so, it became my reality.

realityNow, on the other hand, if I choose option 1 – I could receive complete trustworthy interactions and be respected beyond anything I had seen till now.   Good attracts good and I am good, honest and caring.  Why would I not attract good, honest and caring people?  And life is what I thought about…and so it became my reality.

realityI was just about to write about a caveat on option 1 – that there may still be a chance the person lies and is disrespectful….but then I realized, if what I think about becomes my reality, and I believe there is a slight chance, then guess what??  That chances exists.  And so, it became my reality.

To sum up an example of what I’m working towards understanding in my world within, in order to embrace it in my world without, I believe Drake said “I’d rather be an optimist who is sometimes wrong than a pessimist who is always right.” 

What do you think?? 


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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Do you realize that the choice is TOTALLY up to you?

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2 thoughts on “My Reality – DoWoo #216/365

  1. Tammy

    As a recent graduate from the MKMMA course I have adopted the belief that my thoughts create my reality. The result of this belief is that I have a choice regarding the thoughts I choose to embrace. Because my mind can only hold one thought at a time, if I entertain choice #2 I am allowing this choice to take up valuable real estate that could have housed choice #1. I choose choice #1 and in those moments of weakness, when I doubt myself or others, I resort to the Law of Substitution to steer my ship back on course.


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