Play on Words – DoWoo #221/365

In our house we like to concentrate on the positive, removing negative words from our vocabulary and embracing the positive spin which we all have the choice to take on everyday activities.  Gregory is a fast learner and I’ve blogged before about his adeptness on this family objective.  

Gregory received homework today which needs to be handed in on Monday and he chose to work on it this evening – before dinner – in order to get it done.  Love that kid!   I’m reminded of being employed by a company who said they would send you away with “home-fun” (as compared to home-work).   

As a treat, for being the diligent child that he is, we offered him the opportunity to watch an episode of King Julian while we ate our dinner.  He jumped at it and immediately ran down to set up the TV trays. 


If you’ve ever had the joy of watching Madagascar, this is a spin off of the lemur story line from the movie. Gregory giggles through the entire thing which is always entertaining in itself.  As with many cartoon movies or shows, there usually is some form of “adult” understood humour thrown in to keep us amused.  This evening King Julian fired his adviser. When she questioned him, he said that she should consider it her “fire-tunity”. 

lemur2Walter and I looked at each other and laughed out loud.  Had not heard THAT one before.

Cute play on words and great philosophy…as long as (Walter commented) it stays away from being an oper-tastrophe ! 

What words can you play around with in order to turn a potentially negative situation into a positive?  Please feel free to expand our discussion down below.  Have a blessed day! 


2 thoughts on “Play on Words – DoWoo #221/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Lovely post Carolynn. Was away for a few days over Easter so am just getting back to your posts 🙂 Love Madagascar. Haven’t see King Julian though. Will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing. Love your ‘fly on the wall’ approach to life in the Smile Loudly home. 😀
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