Give Joy; Get Joy – DoWoo #222/365

During the craziness of our day today, Walter and I realized our plan to have Gregory’s friend join us for the hockey game tomorrow evening and then sleep over, did not allow for the two best friends to hang out and play together as much as we know they like to. Mid day, we altered the plans, calling the friend’s mom to make sure it would work from her end. 

After school, while Gregory was finishing his project due for Monday, Walter sneaked* out to pick up his best friend without Gregory being remotely aware. When Walter walked in the door, he called out to Gregory to come down…he had a surprise.  I quickly got down by the front door so I could witness the “surprise” gift we had arranged. 

When Gregory came around the corner, and saw his best friend, his whole face lit up!  It was like Christmas morning for him…and amazingly for me as well.  

Greogry's Surprise Look

Why is it that seeing the light in another’s eyes, the lift of their smile, when they are given a gift, makes your own heart sing?  Joy is what I saw. Joy is what I felt. 

At the time of organizing this slight change in plan – allowing them to have a pizza/movie night, sleep over, all day of electronic fun, ending with a hockey game; rather than a hockey game, sleep over, hour of electronic fun – I had no thought to how this would make me feel. Only that this would please our son. 

In addition to Gregory receiving his surprise, we were given a gift which only comes with giving.

* I originally typed in the word “snuck”.  It turns out this is not a proper word and the correct term is “sneaked”. Since it sounded correct in my head the improper way…I decided to make a note here for anyone who wishes to weigh in on the rightness of the verb. I tried finding other words with similar relations: Peak is not puck (it is peaked) and leak is not luck (it is leaked). Freak is not fruck – it is truly being freaked out!  So why did snuck sound right?  Feel free to add to the conversation.

4 thoughts on “Give Joy; Get Joy – DoWoo #222/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Seeing joy in others is heart warming and amazing. But being part of the cause of their joy is a feeling beyond words. When that other person happens to also be our child……the only words I can come up with are ‘true bliss’.
    Lovely post.
    Sandra Owen recently posted…Week C 1 & 2 Life is growthMy Profile


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