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I have a collection of books on my phone which allow me to tap into pretty amazing observations. Sometimes I just need to read the positive and encouraging words of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Og Mandino, Mike Dooley, James Allen, John Maxwell, Napoleon Hill…need I say more?  The last few days I have taken to re-reading Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer. This is what I read today:

drive-a-stick-shift“Think back to the time you were learning to drive a stick shift automobile. you were faced with what seemed to be an insurmountable problem. Three pedals but only two feet to make them work.  You first became aware of the complexity of the task. Let the clutch out slow, oops too fast, jerky business, gas pedal down at the same rate as you release the clutch, right foot for the brake, but the clutch must go in, or you jerk again.  A million mental signals: always thinking, using your brain. What do I do? Awareness, and then after thousands of trials, mistakes, new efforts, the day comes when you step into your car and drive away. No stalling, no jerking and no thinking. Driving a stick shift has become second nature, and how did you do it? With great difficulty. Lots of present-moment thinking, reminding, working.”

1984I remember learning stick.  I dated a fellow who let me shift from the passenger side while he worked the clutch – allowing me to get a feel for the concept first. My very first car was standard – a 1984 VW Rabbit. I sat in it and instantly fell in love – this car was mine. I then turned the keys over to the same young man and he test drove it. After I handed over the cash, he drove the car home so he could then teach me how to drive it.  I remember stalling out numerous times before I finally got the car moving in first gear, then driving blocks without shifting out of first for fear of stalling out.   Now…it’s just like Wayne says…effortless, without thinking about it. but it took a lot of mental work to get to this space.

This analogy was noted after Wayne explained that Happiness is a natural condition of being a person. and that New thinking requires awareness of old thinking. You have become habituated in mental patterns that identify the causes of your feelings as outside of yourself. You have put in thousands of hours of reinforcement for such thinking, and your’ll need to balance the scale with thousands of hours of new thinking, thinking that assumes responsibility for your own feelings.”

WOW! Did you get all that?

To break it down into what I understand: I am totally responsible for all my thoughts, my actions and my feelings, and therefore anything which is going on around me…I am responsible for it.  AND if I wish to change it, it may be uncomfortable, challenging, appear awkward, and take numerous attempts, even failed or stalled attempts…but if I persist – and embrace that I am also responsible for my sticktuitiveness – I have an immense opportunity to exceed at my life.

AND that ability is within me right now!  It is also with you! 

total responsibility

How powerful is that?


Are you interested in learning to drive stick? Are you driving your vehicle (life) to it’s fullest capacity or are you staying in first gear?  Do not drown in multitudes of information. Take action.  Receive the “how” on making your life happen as you envision it.  Add your name and email to my list.  I will let you know once the next Master Key Experience is available (fall 2015) and you will get first shot to hear what is offered.

When was the last time you were given first shot to exceed at life?

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Do you realize that the choice is TOTALLY up to you?

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