Spread Happy – DoWoo #227/365

Was sitting here looking at my desk this evening…the craziness of my office…and I almost broke.  I had pulled everything out of all the files and was sorting, organizing, tossing and doing my best to figure out what I really need to keep versus not.  It’s not a pretty sight (truly an observation – not an opinion). 

20150415_203012Then I looked down at my desk and saw my happy stickers poking out of the mess…and I smiled.  I was at a business convention a few months ago and they were selling posted notes which are each happy positive statements. The list is pretty amazing.  I typically keep a set in my purse and post them on cash registers or on someones’ lapel or on the inside of the bill fold at restaurants.  

Imagine if we all did things like this every day? What would the world look like? 

We are in the process of confirming accommodation for Costa Rica and a few of the places are no longer available or do not suit our needs regarding internet. I realize that I am now on the reverse of what we just went through while selling our house.  

I recognize there are the perfect units to rent.  We just need to be introduced.  At the other end are the homeowners or property managers who would be ecstatic to have responsible people such as ourselves to rent their property.  I have faith we find each other – we connect – and we both get what we want out of this.   All it takes is an introduction.  We’re open. 

In the meantime, each person we connect with deserves our best wishes.  If we are not the right match for them or visa versa, we still trust they find the right people to rent their unit.  With this philosophy in my mind, considering not only our desires but the fulfillment of others, it can only lead to the best of everything. God has a plan and it will be revealed to us in due time.  

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3 thoughts on “Spread Happy – DoWoo #227/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Know the messy office feeling!! Ha ha everything is lined up for you and the right people and property is already sorted and being prepared for your arrival. Quite a few years ago now I was in the position of moving on my own with my two very young children. The way the new house and all the furniture I needed came together was nothing short of marvellous. It will be better than you have even imagined. Xxx
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