Readjust – DoWoo #229/365

roller coasterHave had a roller coaster ride this week while looking for accommodation.  I was waffling on our #1 choice as it was double what we had planned to spend and at the same time it was more than double what we anticipated we would have from an accommodation perspective.  It’s gorgeous and has the best internet we could hope for. 

Walter looked at me and shook his head.  He went on to reminded me of the story of the man who ignored the radio message, the boat and the helicopter to save him from the flood, expecting God to save him only to die.  When he is in front of God, he mentions his confusion that God did not indeed save him.  God responded with confusion of his own as he did not understand why the man did not take what he offered – he had sent the radio message, the boat and the helicopter to save the man.  

boatWhy would I question what is perfect for us? A great space to transition into another country.  I was waiting for a sign of some sort when the sign was already in the delivery of the fulfillment of my desire.  

I may not have listened to the radio message but I did get on the boat. The helicopter has gone to save someone else.  

4 thoughts on “Readjust – DoWoo #229/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Love your analogy and picture words. If it feels right all you can do is follow the bread crumbs until you either reach the right goal for your life or get a clear feeling that guides you elsewhere. Trust everything is always working out for you. You cannot get it wrong and you learn something from every thing that you do. So exciting!
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