Have I Learned My Lesson Yet? – DoWoo #230/365

larger rollercoasterOut of 229 blogs in 229 days, there have been a few areas of DoWoo which repeated themselves.  However, nothing identical back to back…that is…until TODAY!!   

Please read DoWoo #229 to truly understand. 

Today, had a bigger roller coaster AND then I fell in the water, in the rain, and was lucky enough an even bigger boat came to save me.   Whew! It was a ride I do not wish to repeat.  

I wonder…Have I learned my lesson yet? 

We booked our flights today.  Walter went to CAA this morning to check and see which airlines would allow Mya on out of Toronto.  For those of you who don’t who Mya is…she is Gregory’s dog.  He got her for his 8th birthday present.  She is a rescued Belgian Malinois and it would have been an extremely cold day in June if we were not able to take her with us.  Walter went to CAA with the 2 choices of 8 hour flights with only 1 connection – as compared to the rest at 18 to 23+ hour travel times with multiple stops.  

CAA advised the only airline who appeared to be able to accommodate her crate would be American Airlines.  The flights we had found were not in sync.  Turns out the cost for 1 ticket on the flight Mya could be on was double compared to the flights we found.  We made a decision – Walter will go with Mya and Gregory and I will follow 8 hours later on a different set of flights!   The good news is I was able to upgrade him to business class for a nominal fee!  Not as we may have preferred but perfectly accommodating nonetheless. 

I’ve updated the count down clock with the new date!

arger boatThis is about when I fell out of the boat which saved me yesterday.  But I am blessed.  A good friend, another one of the Master Key Guides, and a truly remarkable woman saved me from myself.  Figuratively flagging down the larger boat and scooping me up into the boat for safe travel.  Thank goodness I’ve had the pleasure of surrounding myself with like minded people who are able to be what I need – including a good kick as required!

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Cassandra for being there for me today!  You are a gem!

6 thoughts on “Have I Learned My Lesson Yet? – DoWoo #230/365

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    Delighted to have brought the spray and cloth to you so you could clean your glasses!
    So excited that you guys manifested the perfect home in the perfect place with the perfect amenities!!
    Oh…. And did I say it’s all perfect?

    Cassandra O’Neal recently posted…PricelessMy Profile

  2. Frances

    These life-changing moves are a test of strength and sanity! Having done it when we moved from the UK and nearly frying my brain in the process, I now find myself doing it again! There will be more ups and downs for you to come, Carolynn, but all you need to know is “Pura Vida”! (which can often be interpreted as “**%$#%%^&&******!)


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