Lesson in Gratitude – DoWoo #231/365

blessingSo many areas of my life in the last few years have referenced the “Attitude of Gratitude“.  I am grateful every day – and that in itself is a huge observation to embrace. 

I was invited and went to church today.  

The only church I have frequented in the last decade or so has been Walter’s family church. Most of these services have been delivered in Ukrainian so while it’s church – it’s not something I have been able to absorb with any significant attention. 

Today I was introduced to a group of caring, welcoming and warm people who openly acknowledged the newcomer in their midst.  I witnessed a wide variety of ways to worship within the group – allowing me to appreciate their individuality – their ability to embrace their belief in a vocal and demonstrative way – with complete acceptance for and from everyone else. This was quite refreshing for me. 

encompassingMost of the services I have gone to in my life have been regimented in their delivery and interaction. I must admit my experience is small and restricted to large church organizations.   I realized today that while these past experiences had a large number of people worshiping in a group….I had always remained solitary.   Today felt different – more encompassing. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with the pastor’s wife before the service and the pastor afterwards. While their belief was palpable to me – both in the intensity of their words and energy – I remained true to myself without judgement – allowing the time I spent in their presence to be experienced without opinion. 

I departed with what I felt to be a blessing of acceptance for who I am and well wishes for my upcoming journey.   My friend gifted me with a bible – suggesting a specific section (John) where she believed I would most benefit from God’s teachings at this time. 

gratefulI am grateful someone chose to include me. I am grateful I was able to witness and experience accepted today.  I am grateful I am in a place in my life, in my connection with my source (God), that I was able to allow the experience to be what it was meant to be. What comes of this remains to be revealed.  I am just grateful for the space. 

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