Back on Solid Ground – DoWoo #232/365

The last few days have been a bit of a ride (possibly a slight understatement) but the good news is we are now what appears to be a patch of solid ground.  Not sure how large the patch is. Recognize that the ride may take some time.  Rather than fight it, I’m going to thoroughly embrace and allow.  Maybe I should make that into a T-shirt! Hmm…a project for another day. 


We officially signed our rental house commitment for the next year in Costa Rica.  At the end of all the reasons lies the final result – we’ve chosen to embrace the opportunity for a solid adjustment period.  It may be beneficial that I used to train on the joys of relocation and possible culture shock.  While I do not have the specific training on what to expect in Costa Rica, I have resources readily at my disposal and as long as I remain open and observant, I believe we will spot any aspects which require a personal realignment.  

Interesting…I’m just now recalling an astrological reading I received over 13 years ago. This was pre-Walter.  I was told that by the time I was 52 I was to “hit it big”.  These words had reverberated around in my mind for years.  But I do not recall the last time I thought about this statement and the one that followed.  “Everything you do from now until then may not seem like it is connected. But it is.  You will do something which allows you to use everything you’ve done up till then.  And you hit it big.”

I’m turning 50 this year!  OMG….I know….I know.  

Supposedly everything in your life is set up in sets of 7 – and then there are seven sets of 7s. The last is: Reconstruction, adjustment and recuperation (43-49) which leads to harmony . I wrote about this during our first Master Key sessionweek 16 January 18th, 2014 “significant realignment of my psyche – I’m definitely getting there (literally and figuratively) and am tickled beyond measure to be in this stage – embracing what is being offered – have a new dog!”

If selling our house and 95% of what we own, then hopping on a plane to Costa Rica for a year with a 10 year old and a dog is not a significant reconstruction, adjustment AND a recuperation period…well, I don’t know what is.  

As of this year – for both of us, we are shifting into a new phase – the beginning year of the next set of 7 years.  Now, I’m not sure exactly what this means as it relates to me being in the 8th set – what happens after the 7th set of 7…I do not recall it saying.  It’s got to be big though!!   At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself!!

Whether it’s from an astrological, spiritual, God gifting, universal rightness perspective…it does not matter. Walter and I are heading into what could possibly be one of the most exciting periods of our lives.  Now THIS is an adventure! 

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