Deep Breath – DoWoo #233/365

breathePartook in quite a number of deep breathing sessions today.  These are significantly more than the heavy sigh I’ve used in the past when things got a bit tenuous.   I found my ability to work with any twist in the road today to be non-existent.  And it’s not even THAT time of the month! 

So rather than dwell on what had me embracing this readjustment / realignment technique, I’m going to concentrate on some of the positive observations of the day. 

mortIt is possible to find humour to readjust. Currently we are using the “I lo-ove your feet” voice from Mort on King Julian.  It makes me smile just typing it as I can hear it in my head.  

Had a wonderful Zoom visit with a friend today. Recounting stories. Sharing news.  Encouraging each other.  Other than we weren’t drinking herbal tea, it was very zen.  

Sold some more stuff!!  It’s getting a bit easier to just allow things to go.  The larger items seem to be easier.  I wonder why that is? 

There are family members, who no matter what happens, you still care and want to be there for them when they choose they are ready for guidance.   I had removed myself from a good portion of my family and today I had an opportunity to reconnect with the one member who I had always had a special place in my heart for.   

piano caseOut of all the piano cases available at Long & McQuade – there was the one with wheels and TSA locks which was on SALE!!! So less than the lesser quality options.  I love it when the Universe takes care of us. 

All in all a productively happy day. Anything else which transpired, which is not in the same realm…well, it really doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things. Released! Readjusted. Deep Breath.  

All is good!
Todo es bueno! 

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