Arrrggh! – DoWoo #234/365

Realize there are supposed to be ups and downs….but seriously?!!!

solutionWalter keeps reminding me that there is ALWAYS a solution to any challenge.  I know this…but I’ve got to admit right now I’m not feeling it!   With all that we know from our experience, our readings, our teaching….faith must remain.  When we waiver in our faith, THIS is when things start to unravel.  I’m keeping the faith! 

Before we booked the accommodation and before we booked our flights, we made sure we could fly with Mya.  CAA advised the most direct flights we could find with a reasonable fee, did not allow for this size of dog.  We were told to try American Airlines – a specific set of flights .  AA confirmed as long as she was under 100 lbs including the kennel, we were good to go.  We looked it up and for the size we needed…total weight was 85 lbs.  We were good to go!  We booked Walter on the AA flight which was twice the cost of the flights we were able to get Gregory and I on.  

We then confirmed our accommodation and sent the funds to the homeowners.

no going back

Today I called to confirm with AA which brand of kennel they approved (so many of the brands say they are TSA approved but not all are) only to be told measurements!  AND…guess what…. the maximum measurements were 2 sizes smaller than the kennel Mya needs.   They would not be allowing her on this flight!  

After a lengthy conversation with AA about what transpired, and an upgraded conversation to the local supervisor we finally received confirmation they would reimburse us the cost of the flight we booked for Walter.  

thank you

I spoke to the pet travel companies.  They did not hold much stock – saying most flights out of Canada are not on “equipment” (planes) large enough to take an extra large kennel.   Spoke to an flight company they referred me to who informed us they would check and come back to us. Still waiting! But she did mention there was a flight with Air Canada. 

I called Air Canada directly.  Found a direct flight on an airbus 319 from Toronto to Liberia – and had a nice chat with someone who confirmed the size of the crate was perfectly fine as “excess baggage” but the maximum weight allowed (including the dog and the kennel) was 70lbs. Another no-go!    Referred over to their cargo department who specialize in shipments of pets as cargo and spoke to another nice service rep who explained the Liberia flight does not take cargo – but the flight into San Jose does! 


Wait for it…..

Turns out there is an embargo banning all pet transport on Air Canada flights into Costa Rica for the ‘rest of this year’! 

Say it with me…. Arrrggh!

An opinion may be that…. NO, I will not go that route.  An observation here is that I keep my faith – I maintain my vision of us ALL in Costa Rica, our son with his best friend beside AND we are looking back at this period of our journey and smiling.  Anybody feeling the love? 

Better yet…anybody own a plane
(or know someone who does)
to fly us there?? 

6 thoughts on “Arrrggh! – DoWoo #234/365

  1. jan

    The thing about faith is we’re given what we need not necessarily what we think we want. Patience, Persistence, Peace.


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