Bite Size Pieces – DoWoo #238/365

I knew sorting was going to be a significant task, just did not anticipate it would be as mentally taxing or take as much time. All in all though…when you think about it – sorting through your entire life’s collection of “stuff” and having it take a few weeks (done over the course of a few months) does not seem too excessive.  

Right now…this evening…I’m bagged!
(tired, in case this is a Canadian colloquialism)

photo storageI worked through pictures (again), poetry, year books, business receipts, training paperwork, Halloween decor, along with some of Gregory’s stuff. We are doing our best to reduce the amount of photos from those which have been printed. Years ago I sorted through my entire collection (prior to digital camera) and reduced it to fit one photo container.

Today I decided to work with the philosophy – if it’s on digital, toss it. Walter came up with an idea of keeping it only if it falls into one of 3 categories: a fond memory, a feeling of gratitude or a feeling of love. My challenge is the majority of what I’m sorting through are pictures of Gregory. They are ALL fond memories and elicit feelings of gratitude and love. Back to my digital copy query to sort.  

ghostMy additional challenge today was with Halloween and Christmas decor.  I thoroughly enjoy both of these – and have probably 3+ large bins of each.  I sorted through my Christmas decor back in January as we had already made the decision to move.  In looking at what I decided to keep – 1 large bin – I may need to revisit what’s in there.  The large Halloween stuff (ghosts and ghouls and skeletons which decorate outside) – these were an easy sort to the garage sale pile.  The wooden decor again easy – sell.  However, I’m still left with a significant amount and know this pile will also need to be revisited.

I am reminded (again) about the “How do you eat an Elephant?”  THIS is certainly as big as one – possibly weighs as much.  The best news is it will all be gone by next week this time!  Looking forward to the fun of the garage sale!  Stay tuned.   

one_biteI thank you for hanging in there with me.  My “observations” are a bit on one track right now.

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