James T Cricket – DoWoo #23/365

Walter found a cricket in our basement the other day.  He brought it upstairs to show me – excited that we could show our son this fantastic little creature when he arrived home from school. Then Walter decided we would put the cricket in a glass jar home to allow him to acclimate and see if we could keep him.

James TJames Tiberius Cricket as himself:

We looked up how to set up their space – ensuring there was a place to hide, a q-tip dipped in water to allow him to quench his thirst and something to nibble on.  He did not chrip that evening and we agreed we would give it a few days.  If he had not sang within 3 days we would release him back outside.

James T sang the evening of the 21st – the evening before the 3 days was up. Hurrah! He chirped all night long. The following evening James T began about 10 pm and was chirping till about 6 am the next morning  Greg was impressed at how loud he was.

We have decided to allow James to stay with us for as long as he desires.  We have not put a lid on the jar we have given him.  It’s totally up to him if he stays to sing to us each night. For now this is our experience.

Are crickets good luck? It depends on whether you believe in luck.  Are crickets a sign that good things are around the corner? Who knows.  I like the idea that James T has come to visit us for a while. It certainly makes for an interesting evening of song.

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2 thoughts on “James T Cricket – DoWoo #23/365

  1. Walter Sokil

    I can almost hear William Shatner’s voice singing “When You Wish Upon a Star”. Of course they bring good luck. We just need to believe. Fun post.


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