One Woman’s Treasures – DoWoo #240/365

treasureThey” say that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasures”. I’ve always loved that “they” have something to say about almost everything and no one truly knows who “they” are.  

The last few weeks and today felt like a slight twist on this old idiom – my treasures are now able to be someone else’s treasures.  During the process of divesting ourselves of the materialistic aspects of our life, we have been offering all that we own to those we know, care and love.  As of today we have sold all our main furniture other than Gregory’s room.  It’s exciting to see the joy someone else sees in an object, the beauty, the symmetry, the usefulness.    Thank you to those who pitched in and decided what we had to offer worked for their spaces. We send everything onto your space with love! 

I stood outside the main living room – approximately 200 square foot room – and perused all the stuff sorted for our garage sale, piled in spots 4 bins high.  I turned to Walter and said, I handled all of that – sorted it and chose for it to be sold.  To which he turned to me and responded “You most likely purchased it all as well.”    

My name is Carolynn – and I am a shopaholic! 

I recall explaining to Walter early on in our relationship… that when I got upset or stressed, I would shop; and when I was happy and exciting about life, or whatever was going on, I shopped. This is when he realized…and shared his observation with me…I just like to shop. 

OK – I admit it.  I love to shop. I especially love to get a GREAT deal on something.  I love to negotiate and bargain. I’ve even played “good cop / bad cop” with me playing both parts in order to negotiate a price down on a particular piece of furniture.  I remember bargaining with the butcher when purchasing shish kabobs!  

I was thinking about this last night and decided to play with our garage sale sign.  We even went so far as to include the same wording in the classified add for the garage sale in this weeks newspaper.  Julie, in classified, laughed the whole time we chatted.  What do you think??? 

recovering shop

3 thoughts on “One Woman’s Treasures – DoWoo #240/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Ha ha love the ad. It must be quite therapeutic divesting yourself of all unnecessary material things. Well done. I am not a great shopper,, in fact I do not like shopping much except if it is in a craft store lol. But still managed to have accumulated rather a lot of unnecessaries over the years. Could be time for a clear out. Thanks for sharing. X
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