Blessing Received – DoWoo #241/365

Many of us have heard of the phrase manifesting.  The Secret introduced an entire generation to the Law of Attraction. The Master Key explains the power of our mind.  I kept the faith and we have received what we asked and were grateful for before we were in receipt. 

We found an airline which will take an extra large crate. We confirmed that Mya will not be able to go with us in June but she will be able to come back with us in September.  Today we received two leads on where she can stay for the 3 months we are gone. It felt so amazing to receive such a blessing. 

deltaWhen we explained to Gregory there was good news and bad news…which did he want first? He opted for the bad so the good could be last (he also saves his favourite food till last).  We explained Mya was unable to come with us right away but the good news is she would join us in September. He was so happy with the last (because for a while there we thought we may not be able to get here down there at all) he bounced out of the door way. He said the good news was so good it did not matter about the bad.  

I observed a child who has learned to embrace the good and just allow the “not-so-good” to just fall away.  It’s a wonderful place where a child teaches his parents.  I am most grateful. 

4 thoughts on “Blessing Received – DoWoo #241/365

  1. Walter

    He is learning that there is a solution for every problem and you are being a great teacher by showing that old proverb. “Get knocked down seven times…get up eight.”
    Love this growth!
    Walter recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  2. Cassandra O'Neal

    Amen, Walter!! It matters not that we fall. What matters FIRST is our DECISION to either get back up, die trying, or surrender.
    I am holding the vision that Maya will be with you from the start.
    You guys are amazing.
    LOVE your new home,by the way!

    Cassandra O’Neal recently posted…PricelessMy Profile


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